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DevNet associate 1.0

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Настройка VirtualChassis на JuniperEX

set system commit synchronize set chassis redundancy graceful-switchover set routing-options nonstop-routing set protocols layer2-control nonstop-bridging set virtual-chassis no-split-detection

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EX4600 DDOS защита

Определить какой протокол сработал: show ddos-protection protocols statistics terse Уменьшить/увеличить порог срабатывания защиты set system ddos-protection protocols ttl aggregate burst 500 If this solves your problem, please mark this post as «Accepted Solution.» Kudos are always appreciated . show ddos-protection … Читать далее

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SNMP stats for VCP ports in Virtual Chassis Fabric

https://nextheader.net/2014/10/31/snmp-stats-for-vcp-ports-in-virtual-chassis-fabricvcf/ Starting with 14.1X53-D10, the SNMP stats for VCP ports in Juniper VCF are available. You will be able to retrieve the packet rate, bytes rate per second, the total number of bytes and packets per port per direction(in/out) among … Читать далее

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Nexus password recovery

switch# reload This command will reboot the system. (y/n)? [n] Y 2011 Feb 1 13:09:56 switch %$ VDC-1 %$ %PLATFORM-2-PFM_SYSTEM_RESET: Manual system restart from Command Line Interface writing reset reason 9, .. .. GNU GRUB version 0.97 Autobooting bootflash:/n7000-s1-kickstart.x.x.x.bin bootflash:/n… … Читать далее

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L2TP over IPsec server

Configure L2TP IPSec VPN Server On Cisco Router [10:29 AM | 18 comments ] Cisco router can be used as VPN server, using L2TP and IPSec, for client from internet accesing private network. Below are steps for configuring L2TP IPSec … Читать далее

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EX4300 root password recovery Сложный случай

Hello,   I am trying to reser root password from a EX4300 but I facing the following problems: — When I try by LCD display, nothing happens — When I try CLI recovery, I get the following situation:   loader … Читать далее

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Cisco ISR4K Throughput related hidden command

оригинал скопирован с http://nexp.com.ua/technologies/ios-xe/cisco-isr4k-throughput-related-hidden-command/ If you have ever worked with Cisco ISR4K platform, you probably know that these routers have plenty of horsepower. That is, you will probably hit the licensed throughput limit before you even get to 50% on CPU. … Читать далее

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Nexus 5548UP Upgrade

  The Cisco NX-OS software consists of the kickstart image and the system image. The system image includes the software for the Cisco Nexus device and the Cisco Nexus Fabric Extenders (FEXs) that are connected to the switch. The images … Читать далее

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Сброс пароля Juniper EX3300

Solution To recover the root password: Power off your switch by unplugging the power cord or turning off the power at the wall switch. Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the serial port on the management device and … Читать далее

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